VTON Keeper

In collaboration with coaches from professional clubs, amateurclubs and associations VTON has developed an age specific curriculum for goalkeepers. We have developed 50 trainingsessions for each age group that are connected to the offline app. All trainingsessions are developed on the basis of objectives per session.

The goalkeeper coach can also create complete trainingsessions via the platform from the database of 350 exercises and share them in the offline application.


The GoalKeeper curriculum connects seamlessly per age group with the team curriculum. The GoalKeeper and team objectives are the same, so that everything is integrated during training. Just like in the Coach app, it is also possible within the GoalKeeper module to create your own curriculum and sharing them offline with other coaches.

Harmen kuperus

My mission is to provide a process for success for developing goalkeepers and coaches. My goal is to integrate and respect individual differences and commonalities. My conviction is to foster human growth and development and provide the positive energy to impact their future. We can celebrate the unique aspect of every individual while creating an educational environment. My ultimate goal is to unlock the magic and potential of every goalkeeper and coach I am fortunate to touch. Passion and fun are the basis for success at all levels!


Keeping track of the development of goalkeepers. This is also possible on the VTON platform. Attendance, effort, motivation, build-up, passing, diving, catching, etc. Easy to fill in offline after training on your phone. A complete overview of all keepers can be viewed via the web app.

You cannot score without a goal.